1 315 police officers promoted


Acting National Commissioner of Police Lieutenant General Phahlane updated the public on human resources processes at the SAPS Academy Tshwane, Pretoria West on Tuesday.

Phahlane talked about various human resource processes that are currently underway within the South African Police Service (SAPS) to ensure that the police service is well-resourced police service that is responsive to the safety needs of the nation.

SAPS have reached a settlement of announcing officers into promotion positions, 1 315 personnel (802 Warrant Officers to Lieutenants and 513 Captains to Majors).These promotions have been on hold since 1 March 2013, Commissioner Phahlane said.

In 2013, more than 1 500 police promotions countrywide were suspended after trade union Solidarity petitioned the High Court in Pretoria to declare SAPS affirmative action promotions invalid.
The union argued that many whites who met the requirements for promotions had not been promoted since the plan was implemented, as the positions had already been filled.

Among the things that were highlighted, the acting commissioner said by March 2016, new forensic analysts would have taken up their posts as well as the entry level requirement process on course, 5 000 will commence in March 2016. It also puts an emphasis on police visibility across all public spaces.
“There are police officers at the malls for protection of citizens, we must take pride ourselves” Phahlane said.