10 choices to keep your sperm healthy

The Y chromosome is one of two human sex chromosomes (X and Y) and is passed on exclusively from father to son. Picture: AFP

Let your sperm float a long way
There comes a phase in every man’s life when apart from putting an extra effort to enhance his masculinity, he becomes extra careful about his sperm health. And why not, when sperm play a demanding role in fertilizing the partner. Sperm health plays a pivotal role in fertilizing an egg. Here we bring you important tips to make your sperm count healthy:

Intake of folic acid
It has been observed that men who don’t have an adequate amount of folic acid in their diets can have abnormal chromosomes in their sperm. Hence, folic acid is not only important for moms-to-be, but also for men for their sperm health. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and boost your sperm health.

Eat pomegranate
Pomegranate seeds have natural aromatase inhibitor, which prevents testosterone from being converted into estrogens. Hence, popping up a few pomegranate seeds protect sperm health.

Avoid processed foods
Fast foods, processed foods and packaged foods can affect sperm fertility. These foods take away the essential nutrients that are required to make healthy sperm. So, load up with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Adding walnuts in your diet is a great choice. They not only improve the sperm count but also enhance its vitality.

Eat more mushrooms
Mushrooms strengthen the immunity. Their anti-inflammatory properties treat candida yeast growths in the colon, which makes the sperm function difficult.

Kick that butt off
As much as smoking is injurious to your health, in the same way, it can affect the health of your sperm. Give your sperm a boost by saying no to tobacco smoking.

Limit your alcohol consumption
Well, if you don’t want to give up alcohol consumption then it’s better to limit the consumption. Many researches have proved that alcohol intake reduces sperm production and causes sperm abnormalities.

Bid adieu to stress
Stress can greatly affect the health of your sperm. Eating well and sound sleep can eradicate the stress levels, thus, making your sperm count healthy.

Hit the gym
Daily workout plays an important role in keeping your sperm count healthy. If you are overweight or even underweight, it can also impact your sperm health. Regular exercising is not only important for your well-being but for better health of your sperm.

See a doctor
Regular check-up is mandatory and it becomes even more important before you try to conceive. Your doctor may advise you on do’s and don’ts which can help your swimmers float effectively.
This article first appeared on The Times of India