10 Kinds of employees you find in every workplace

Cropped shot of an attractive young designer working on a pc. Picture AFP

Just as it is with any other strata, you find different folks with different attributes at the workplace, too. While some might need to be weeded out, others bring knowledge and skill to the table and act like a beacon to their colleagues to make an organisation more achievement-driven. Here’s a look at them…

The risk taker
Risk takers are those with the optimum plans in their hands. They can quickly grasp situations and have a thirst for innovation. He or she is a type A personality, extremely confident, willing to go against the grain and to embrace the possibility of failure.

The time zone hopper
Say hello to the ‘anytime person’. Whether travelling, or on the way to a meeting or doing late nights, there’s no such thing as the end of the work day for this employee. Particularly suited for those companies that operate with foreign clientele, the time zone hopper is able to manage overseas targets efficiently.

The team player
Such a person is not just a friend who makes for a good adviser at the office, but also sticks his/her neck out for others. These folks are not only able to thrive in their workspace but it brings them satisfaction to see their team mates follow suit.

The energy tyrant
He or she eats up the office floor, and we don’t mean literally, of course. This employee has imbibed the company’s daily values to the T, is fired up about meeting deadlines and loves a challenge. He or she is also probably sorted out in other spheres — personal relationships, the home and more.

The 24/7 employee
This kind of worker is the most highly engaged and performance-driven indviduals to be found. A go-getter, being in a stabilised scenario makes him/her flourish.

The ghost worker
This one prefers to be under the radar. For him, being a wallflower takes a precedence over all else. He/she procrastinates, is afraid of making mistakes and is happy to cart home a paycheck, without going the extra mile.

The bad-tempered bully
The office bully personality is one of the biggest productivity slashers, as he or she decreases worker morale, spreads fear and negativity and puts off everyone with his or her vile attitude. Avoiding such a person is one thing, but the worker must also be given a warning about stringent consequences of his/her actions.

The troubleshooter
These are individuals whose job it is to solve problems for an organisation. They are great at strategising, have great interpersonal skills and encourage behaviours that boost workplace expertise. A must-have for any company.

The flatliner
Okay, let’s face it. Most organisations have flatliners. These are folks who were hired for their skill but have lost motivation and fresh ideas but have lost all steam. They prefer to just sit there whiling away their time and may we add, are quite adept at looking busy, too.

The office gossip
Watch out for this lot! These are those individuals who fashion themselves as your well-wisher but soon enough you’ll find them huddling in corners, talking about you at the slightest instance. These folks get a kick out of one-upmanship and love to add grist to the mill. And yes, it’s not just women who fit in here; men gossip a lot, too!

This article first appeared on The Times of India