10 signs your man is not ready for a commitment


It’s not common to find a woman fretting over commitment levels of the man she is dating. Women often have an intuition when their man is not being serious about their relationship or plan to opt out of the relationship mid-way. Should you find yourself doing that, save yourself the heartache that comes from being blind-sided by your partner and recognise the signs that indicate your man is not ready for a commitment…

When there is a lack of intimacy or passion

When a guy stops caring for you, one of first signs can be seen during initimate moments — there’s a lack of passion and warmth, and it is just becomes an act of being together in bed.

When he doesn’t include you in day-to-day activities

When you are in a committed relationship, you both feel like spending most of your time with each other — even if it’s just being in the house or going grocery shopping. But if you only meet when you date and are not aware of his routine, then it’s time to re-evaluate your choice.

You feel like a case of ‘out of sight, Out of mind’

You wait endlessly for his calls or to meet him. This often happens among couples who have settled in their relationship. Should this be the case in the initial stages of a relationship, then it’s time to heed the warning bells.

He takes you to parties, but not intimate get-togethers

If you find yourself in this siituation, it means that your partner likes to flaunt you around, but shies away from including you in the inner circle of friends that matter to him. This can leave you frustrated. Don’t you think it’s also time to question the relationship?

When he hesitates to introduce you to other women in his life

All men have female friends, which can also include his exes with whom he is on friendly terms, but beware if your man is not ready to introduce you to the other women in his life. When he is aware of all your friends, there is no reason for him to hide his female friends — be it in conversations or meeting them .

When he is unable to give you his attention

Even though your partner is with you, you sense that he is not all there — he is either on the phone most of the time or watching his favourite programmes on TV, instead of giving you all the attention you need.

He makes no effort for you

Taking you out shopping, to the movies or fancy restaurants — your guy might be high on such grand gestures, but if he doesn’t believe in making efforts to keep you happy or enrich the relationship with small, thoughtful gestures, then it’s time to move on.

He often makes plans at the last minute

Forget about the future, if your guy cannot commit to weekend or holiday plans, it means that they see no future with you. Plans made on the spur of the moment might be exciting, but not always.

Does not include you in his struggles

Does he keep you away from the lows of his life? It may not just be because of pride, it also means that he does not want to turn to you for support, and that should not be the case in a relationship. It just means that he doesn’t rely on you or value your opinion.

He does not talk about togetherness when sober

If your partner confides in you about a future together in an inebriated state, then it may not really be serious. There is a chance of him denying any of it when he is sober. If a guy is considering a long-term relationship, he should talk about it when he is normal and clear-headed.

This article first appeared on the Times of India