10-year-old Vrygrond death under probe

Bring back death penalty said the community.

The dreadful death of a 10-year-old Misholine Jantjies is under investigation by the police.

The little girl was brutally stabbed to death in Durry Road, Vrygrond, Cape Town on Tuesday night.

Jantjies collapsed on the road after she was stabbed.

The 20-years-old suspected drug addict was arrested on Wednesday by the police in connection of her death. A case of murder is being investigated.

“The circumstances surrounding the death of a 10-year-old girl are being investigated after she was stabbed to death in Drury Road, Vrygrond,” Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut said.

“The suspect was arrested and he is being detained for murder,” Traut added.

Angry citizens took it to social media after hearing that a 10-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Cape Town on Tuesday.

Community members expressed their anger by uttering comments such as the state should reconsider the death penalty for such perpetrators who steal children’s lives.

A community member wrote, “Bring back the death penalty. RIP Micholine.”

Steenberg Community Policing Forum has called for the end of violence not only during the 16 Days of Activism but in all 365 days.

“I am mortified at the fact that this kind of violence has been perpetrated against a child. It’s an indication that we have had 16 Days of Activism, but violence against women and children happens 365 days of the year,” Steenberg Community Policing Forum’s Lucinda Evans said.

-Hitekani Maimela