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October 07, 2015 | Last Updated 12:01 PM
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Africa & World
Aug 20 2013 3:57PM
70-year-old gets fork stuck in penis
A dinner fork. Picture: AFP
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TNA Reporter and AFP

A 70-year-old was forced to seek medical attention after he inserted a 4-inch steel fork into his penis.

The Australian man, who was trying to pleasure himself, had to have the object removed by doctors from his urethra. 

The unnamed man, who is featured in a report published in the International Journal of Surgery Cases, rushed to the emergency room 12 hours after insertion; when he started experiencing severe pain and bleeding.

"On examination, the fork was not visible, but palpable within the penile urethra," the report said.

The fork was safely removed from the elderly man’s urethra and he was then sent home.

“Multiple retrieval methods were contemplated with success achieved via forceps traction and copious lubrication,” the report said.

According to the report, many people are rushed to the emergency room due to 'foreign body insertions'.

"Urethral foreign body insertions are an unusual practice in which any imaginable object is known to be implicated," according to the report.  

‘Motives for insertion’ are however unclear.

"The wide array of self-inserted foreign bodies include needles, pencils, ball point pens, pen lids, garden wire, copper wire, speaker wire, safety pins," the report states.

"Some cases are associated with mental and cognitive disorders, factitious disorders, personality disorders, sexual curiosity and practice under the influence of intoxicating substances," according to the report.

Last year a Chinese man had to seek medical help to remove a sex toy lodged in his intestines for five days, according to a state media report Thursday that said such cases were on the rise amid loosening attitudes towards sex.

Doctors at Shanghai's Zhongshan Hospital removed the 23-centimetre (nine-inch) dildo from the 30-year-old man's intestines using an endoscope, a hospital spokesman and a government-backed newspaper said.

"If we did not remove the dildo in time, the man could have gone into critical condition," said doctor Yao Liqing, quoted by the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

"Doctors were astonished to see such a big item taken out of the patient's body," he added.

He said the object had blocked the man's large intestine and caused tissue damage, and doctors were contemplating surgery if the procedure had failed.

Shops selling sex toys and contraceptives are common in Chinese cities, as greater sexual freedom and a consumer culture take hold in the communist-ruled country.

The Shanghai Daily said medical professionals were warning people to follow manufacturers' instructions for using sex toys and not utilise them in "unintended" ways.

"People must use sex toys properly and avoid ones that are too big as they can hurt people," Yao said.

"There have been three similar cases so far this year," he added, although the report did not make clear whether Yao was referring only to cases at his hospital.

"In the previous two or three years, we only had one such case," he said.

A hospital spokesman confirmed the case to AFP, saying doctors performed the procedure on Saturday, but declined to comment further.


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