11 arrested for drunk driving in Northern Cape


At least 11 people have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in the Northern Cape.

The provincial transport, safety and liaison department, in a statement on Wednesday, said 20 251 vehicles were stopped and checked during operations taking place across the province, with 1 627 summonses issued for a number of offences such as speeding, failure to wear a seat belt and unroadworthy vehicles.

A total of 3 698 drivers were tested for alcohol consumption and 11 arrested for drunk driving while 755 speed summonses were issued and another 11 people arrested for excessive speeding.

During the operation, one person was arrested for being in possession of falsified documentation and 20 vehicles taken off the province’s roads for not being roadworthy.

The department said the highest speed recorded was 187km/h in a 120km/h zone on the N1 Highway in Richmond.

“We are pleased with the positive response and attitude of some of our road users, who not only abide by the rules of the road but appreciate the operations aimed at ensuring their safety on the roads,” the department said.

-TNA Reporter