Helping others on their star struck paths to success

Full of Plans: Yvonne Ntsomi

LOSING her mother through domestic violence did not hinder her resolve to make a difference in her community and help the needy.

Yvonne Ntsomi , 30, has devoted most of her young life to community development through various initiatives that motivated youth to stand up for themselves.

“Having being raised by my grandparents, aunts and uncles, I got in touch with the church and began helping needy people in our area,” Ntsomi said.

After hitting rock bottom with acting auditions , Ntsomi decided to roll up her sleeves and start doing things herself by helping young artists hoping to make a breakthrough.

Ntsomi has been involved in a number of projects, recently co-organising the Annual Platinum Entertainment Awards as media liaison officer.

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan Dikgore and Paul Malebana from Botle Jwa Rona productions, which mainly concentrates on acting, I worked with them on making a short comedy film called Naughty Guards. This film was made with the raw talent of individuals around the villages of Moses Kotane and Kgetlheng local municipalities and the copies of this film have been out and selling for about a month now.

“I have also had the pleasure of teaming up with Obby Tlholoe and Beauty Masinga from Spot Light Agency, and Thami Ditsi from Kasi Koncept, to work on the Annual Platinum Youth Entertainment Awards,” Ntsomi said.

She said it had not been easy to root out young talent and to host events, especially in remote areas.

“Getting logistics of events is a challenge in itself, especially when there is no strong financial assistance, but through the partnerships we have with local community, they have come to light,” Ntsomi said.

She says young people should keep their heads high and start doing things for themselves.

Ntsomi encouraged young people to stand up and claim what was theirs, especially in the entertainment industry. “Do not find fault in situations, rather find a remedy.”

She said there was a number of projects she will be working on this year, such as a short film and she would also be involved with Platinum Zest, an initiative where local artists are touring the country in a bid to be known for acting and singing.


Tiisetso Manoko