Family vows to continue the search

APPEAL: Madeleine Murray who was swept away by floods has still not been found. She may be in a hospital somewhere.Picture: Supplied

The family of Madeleine Murray, the Pretoria woman who was swept away by the flash floods that hit Gauteng recently, said they had not given up the search for her.

Murray’s mother, Franci Venter, said the family was trying to come to terms with her disappearance but have not given up hope.

“We are still looking for her and we will not stop looking for her,” Venter said.

Yesterday marked two months since Murray’s family last saw her.

She was in a car with her son on November 11 when she tried to cross the low-lying bridge over the Apies River in Flowers Street, Capital Park, when they were swept away by the floods.

Murray’s son, Henco, 21, was found alive a kilometre away from the bridge with the car another kilometre away.

The search for Murray was officially called off on November 19 but her mother said they would continue searching for her. Volunteers, police, the fire department and others expanded their search as far as the Bon Accord Dam in an attempt to find Murray to no avail.

One friend, Wanda Whitting, said Murray was her girl friend and sister.

“I will always remember and know she is with our Heavenly Father safely in his arms,” she said.

Venter described her daughter as a loving woman. Murray’s family has asked anyone with information regarding the missing woman to call 083 324 9595 or 076 7480112.

Meanwhile, police recovered the body of three-year-old Everite Chauke from Alexandra informal settlement three weeks after she was swept away by floods near the Jukskei River.

Her father Shadrick, whose shack is on the river bank, had climbed up a tree with the little girl to escape from the raging flood. But the branch they were holding onto broke and the little girl fell into the water.