6 arrested after explosives recovered in Nyanga


Six suspects were arrested in the Samora Machel informal settlement in Nyanga on Wednesday for being in possession of explosives.

The arrest of the suspects, aged from 24 to 34, took place as members attached to the K9 Unit conducted search operations in the area with a focus on illegal firearms and drugs.

Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said authorities were patrolling in Duma Nokhwe Street when they came across three VW Polos, one with four occupants, the second one with two and the third was empty.

“The occupants were searched and the vehicles tested but had not been reported stolen. But when police members searched the boots of the vehicles, they recovered three explosive devices including a shock tube used at mines and also used to blow up ATMs,” Van Wyk said.

He said the suspects would appear in court soon.

-TNA Reporter