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October 13, 2015 | Last Updated 6:42 PM
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Jun 19 2013 1:12PM
‘Marijuana Moms’: the new Beverly Hills trend
A group of weed-smoking wives and mothers from the States have started a new trend: “marijuana-themed dinner parties”
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TNA Reporter

A group of weed-smoking wives and mothers from the States have started a new trend: “marijuana-themed dinner parties”.

The women, most of whom are from the plush Beverly Hills suburb – say that smoking the (in)famous herb actually ‘makes them better parents and wives to their families’, reported

January Thomas at home with her husband, who's also an enthusiastic smoker, with their daighter. Picture: January Thomas Facebook account

According to, most of the women smoke cannabis for relaxation and medical purposes, like chronic pain; and they believe that the plant is a more natural painkiller than the long lists of prescription drug they used in the past.

 "When I found medical marijuana my life turned around, for the first time in years I felt human. I was able to be the wife I wanted to be once again and it saved our marriage”, said 40 year old Simmi Dhillon.

The marijuana moms aren’t afraid to share their habit with their children either, unanimously agreeing that in fact children should be taught about cannabis, and the herb should not be hidden away from them and constantly portrayed as a dangerous drug.

A member of the 'Marijuana Moms' group at a dinner party. Picture: Sheryl Shuman Facebook account

“We feel very strongly that we should stop lying to our children about Cannabis and trying to scare them into staying away from it.

“We feel we can help them to make educated choices when it comes to using recreational drugs and teach them that it is an adult decision to consume them,” as reported on

According to, a member of ‘Marijuana Moms’ Cheryl Shuman hosts monthly lavish marijuana dinner parties, where she hires a popular Beverly Hills chef David Schanhals to craft weed-infused menus: including ‘cannabis leaf salad, chicken fried in cannabis oil and marijuana milk shakes’.

Sheryl Shuman enjoys throwing lavish marijuana-themed parties. Picture: Sheryl Shuman Facebook account

Shery Shuman protests for the legalisation of marijuana. Picture: Sheryl Shuman Facebook account

Locally, marijuana is still illegal, even though a group of protestors, including the Dagga Party of South Africa, took to the streets earlier this year to march against the laws illegalising weed, saying they are ‘unsubstantiated’.

Protestors at the Dagga Party led march for weed legalisation in Cape Town earlier this year. Picture: The Dagga Party of South Africa Facebook account

The march was organised by the National Organisation for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws (NORML), during which hundreds of Rastafarians said that marijuana should be legalised because it is a part of their religion, and the current status of weed in South Africa discriminates against the Rasta culture and beliefs, reported                             (Photo from Moms for Marijuana Facebook account)

Do you think marijuana should be legalised in SA? Drop us a comment on your opinion, via Twitter @The_New_Age and also follow us on Facebook.

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