About Us

Afro Voice 

Afro Voice newspaper is a new national daily newspaper, owned by Afro Tone media holdings. Afro Voice was launched on April 30, 2018.

Afro Voice is the country’s only truly black owned newspaper which is committed to telling the South African transformation story, its successes, its weaknesses and also providing critical analysis of where the crucial transformation agenda is lacking and is in need of further energy and effort. We pledge ourselves to live up to the Afro part the newspaper by truly being proudly Afrocentric. We are not suffering from any cultural cringe about living in some sort of ex-colony that is forever in the thrall of the so called west. Afro is excellence and Afro is now and Afro is the future.

Ricky Naidoo is Afro Voice’s Editor. Together with his talented and diverse team they are committed to telling the African story in a manner that informs, educates, entertains, transforms and sets free our readers so they can play their part in building all on our freedoms and our democratic ideals.

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