Accused to appear in court for alleged murder of two SVK gang members

A 42-year old man will appear at Schweizer Reneke Magistrate today for two counts of murder. Picture:Supplied

A 42-year-old man from Ipelegeng location is expected to appear at Schweizer Reneke Magistrate’s court today after he was arrested for the double murder on Saturday.

According to North West police, the victims who are believed to be members of a gang known as SVK had just attended a funeral of their gang member when they went to Extension Six Informal settlement.

Police Spokesperson Amanda Funani said it is not clear why the two went to the suspect’s shack where a fight ensued.

“The suspect allegedly then took out a firearm and shot at the pair who died at the scene,” Funani said.

Funani said subsequent to the shooting, angry members of the community then chased the suspect who ran to the Police Station where he was arrested.

-TNA Reporter