Actors speak in one voice for change


South African Guild of Actors has endorsed the code of conduct for the local television and film industry spearheaded by Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT).

The code of conduct comes after a recent Swift survey revealed that over 70% women filmmakers face intimidation and harassment from their male counterparts.

Yesterday, Swift thanked the industry body for signing the memorandum of understanding which it said it was key in making the industry a safe working environment for women filmmakers. “

We salute SAGActors for signing the Memorandum of Understanding in support of the code of conduct which emphasizes good workplace practices and holds all stakeholders accountable for the safety of everyone in our industry, ” Swift said following the signing of the memorandum by SAGA chairman Jack Devnarain on the weekend.

Swift is of the view that a viable Code of Conduct is needed a matter of urgency to help regulate the behaviour of the industry’s practitioners. It also urged broadcasters and funding bodies to support the initiative.

“We encourage women who need psychological assistance as well as to take legal action against the abuse that they have experienced in the workplace, to contact our Advocacy and Impact Committee,” said Swift.

The code of conduct will also ensure that women are protected when it comes to reporting and dealing with cases of sexual harassment and will make the industry safer for women.

“We are currently in discussions with key industry organisations around creating a neutral point of contact where these types of issues can be safely and appropriately addressed.

SWIF said it is fully committed to putting a complete stop to sexual abuse in the local industry through the adoption of the code of conduct.