ANC Conference: ‘Voting process might take up to 8 hours’


The ANC’s 54th National Conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg started off on a slow momentum on Sunday.

This is due to the slow pace of the party’s internal mechanism of dealing with the backlog.

The party’s spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says it is important for the organisation to rigorously deal with the credential process to restore the integrity of the conference.

“The party does not want to flaunt processes that might later be challenged in court.

“We don’t want to do anything that may raise future litigation processes or contestation. We are being rigorous because we want to secure the integrity of the conference,” he said.

Last night, the conference adjourned early due to unresolved credentials.

Meanwhile, ANC Woman’s League President Bathabile Dlamini said there was no crisis, but they were only cleaning up.

“Cleaning of credentials is not a crisis. Voting might happen 8 hours from now.”

The Woman’s League president said the reason for the delay was because some of the members brought appeals into the national conference.

Dlamini added that such tendencies brought fights within the organization.

-Sipho Jack