ANC Conference: What you need to know about the voting process


The 54th ANC National Conference is set to kick off at Nasrec, Johannesburg on Saturday.

Ahead of the conference, we look at how the party’s voting process will unfold.

The leadership is expected to be voted by ANC delegates on Saturday 16 December.

The voting process is expected to take place for the first three days of the conference of which on the first-day delegates are expected to vote for the position of President, Secretary General, Treasurer General and national chairperson.

All the candidates are going to be elected in one go.

On Day 2, delegates will be voting for the position of deputy president and deputy secretary general, however, for these positions nominations are usually expected to come from the floor but they will only make it to the ballot if they receive 25% of the vote.

On the last and third day, delegates will then elect the National Executive Committee members.

The results of the vote for new president, national chairperson, secretary general and treasurer general are set to be announced on the evening of Sunday 17 December.

However, before all the voting could take place, the most important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is credentials.

These credentials can make or break the conference and it’s usually the part which delays the proceedings if it’s not sorted in time.

In this case, each province is going to be handling its own delegate’s credentials to check how many delegates qualify to attend the conference.

Each accreditation card will be numbered and linked to the home branch of the delegate.

Qualified candidates will then travel to the conference venue to be verified and registered, but this time around they will be verified at University of Johannesburg Soweto campus.

The process will take place on the evening of Friday 15 December.

-Sipho Jack