Armed man faces 31 rape charges


A 34-year-old man is due to make his first appearance in the Nkomazi Magistrate’s Court in Mpumalanga tomorrow in connection with a range of charges including 31 of rape.

He was linked to the charges through DNA test analysis following his arrest in possession of an unlawful firearm on Sunday.

Tonga police spokesperson Capt Magonseni Nkosi said their investigation found that the suspect had been terrorising the community since in 2010 and disappeared until his arrest at the weekend.

Nkosi said the armed suspect was arrested at his girlfriend’s home through a tip-off.

“Police acted swiftly upon receiving the information and waited next to the girlfriend’s place as per the informer’s information. The suspect and his girlfriend were cornered as soon as they entered the girlfriend’s house. The suspect was in possession of a firearm and live ammunition.

“The suspect is due to appear before the court on multiple charges of rape. DNA results from forensic linked the suspect to most of the unresolved cases around Nkomazi,” Nkosi said.