Assault case against Idols SA runner up Mthokozisi Ndaba withdrawn

Idols South Africa runner up Mthokozisi Ndaba will appear in the Hillbrow Magistrate's Court,picture: @IdolsSA

The assault case against Idols SA runner-up Mthokozisi Ndaba was provisionally withdrawn yesterday in the Hillbrow Magistrate’s Court.

Ndaba was arrested on Thursday night after 21-year-old Neo Tsele accused him of punching and shoving her against a wall in Braamfontein, Johannesburg last month.

Ndaba’s lawyer, James Ndebele, said he and his client were satisfied with the magistrate’s decision as there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

“I presented my case to the magistrate and I am glad that he understood,” he said.

Ndebele said the state had no hard evidence to charge his client at the moment as it was his word against the complainants.

“The state will have to go do its homework and come back with solid evidence, but for now we are satisfied that the magistrate understood our case.”

Late last month Tsele posted a picture of herself beaten up and called out the Idols finalist for abusing her.

“In as much as this has affected me, the craft God blessed me with, the family, friends and fans negatively but let us please let our South African law handle the matter rightfully (sic),” Ndaba messaged at the time.