Billiat to stay a Brazilian, or not?

KHAMA Billiat will only stay on at Mamelodi Sundowns if he gets exactly what he wants,Picture: Gallo Images.

KHAMA Billiat will only stay on at Mamelodi Sundowns if he gets exactly what he wants.

Billiat, whose next career move has been subject to speculation since January when he refused to renew his contract with the league champions, has now publicly made clear his position on the matter.

With his contract coming to an end this month, the Zimbabwe international said he is not short of offers locally and didn’t rule out staying at the club, but on certain conditions.

“I have to go back to my manager and see what he has for me and make a right decision for my family and everyone who supports me, hopefully I will make them happy as well,” Billiat said.

“It is a very important contract, that’s why I had to delay everything until the last minute and make sure that I’m sitting on the right contract that will take me through to everything I wish for. Unfortunately, I can’t make everyone happy and I have to compromise, I know some are not going to be happy, just like I’m not happy with everything in life.”

Billiat, who turns 28 in August, added that if any team, whether overseas or locally comes with a good offer, then he will open to signing up. It is not clear how much he is looking to earn but with Sundowns having acquired the services of Andile Jali recently and Jeremy Brockie in January, it is believed that he wants to earn the same as them as both are believed to be earning handsome salaries.

“There are other local clubs who are part of the offers I’m having and if it is a good contract, then that’s also a possibility. “Good contracts for all makes a team team happy and me happy. No one must be happier than the other one. “Like any other player, I also want to play in Europe and the focus for now is to see what my manager has.” Billiat has been linked with Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates and it remains to be seen where he will go once his contract comes to an end in June, given that he decides to leave the Brazilians.

“Sundowns are a great club that I was happy with and I’m sure something can come up and I’m looking forward to it. “But like I said, I have to go back to my manager and check what he has in the way of good offers.”