“Blacks” bill video emerges

A Pretoria family received a bill labelled "Blacks" at The Royal Hotel in Mpumalanga. Picture:Twitter

An Mpumalanga Hotel has come under the spotlight after a video of patrons bill labelled “Blacks” emerged.

In the video, Pretoria resident Oscar Hlalethwa and his family, who were having a meal at the hotel on New Year’s Day, complain to the manager after they were handed a bill marked “blacks”.

According to Hlalethwa, they questioned the waiter about the word “Blacks” on their bill but they did not get a satisfactory explanation and then asked to speak to the manager.

In the video, Hlalethwa and a woman can be heard being engaged in an intense argument with the hotel manager who gives them no straight answers about why they received a bill labelled Blacks.

The manager begins by telling the woman that the tables at the hotel were colour coded but when she tells him she hasn’t seen any other patron’s colour coded bill, the manager then changes his story.

On its website, the hotel describes itself as offering a unique experience for a tired traveller, and of being the only village in South Africa with National Monument status.

-TNA Reporter