BMF welcomes Masedi Mafilika’s resignation

BMF has welcomed the resignation of its East London Deputy Masedi Mafilika(Pictured). Picture:Twitter

The Black Management Forum (BMF) has welcomed the resignation of Deputy Chairperson at its East London branch Masedi Mafilika.

Over the weekend, controversial Twitter user  posted highly sexually explicit images of Mafilika involved in numerous sexual acts with two women.

One of the women is alleged to be the wife of a well-known businessman.

The BMF said it regrettably learned about the allegations surrounding Mafilika via social media.

“The BMF welcomes his resignation. Irrespective of the veracity of such allegations, we believe that this matter is private and has nothing to do with the BMF,” BMF East London Chairperson Ndzwana Makaula said in a statement.

Makaula said linking Mafilika and his transgressions to the BMF is unwarranted and unfair to the organisation, adding that the forum should not be asked about what was done by those involved in their private capacities.

He said those involved should be given an opportunity to deal with the issue, without involving the organisation.

“We suggest that all queries be directed to the relevant parties. We would hope that the parties involved are given fair opportunity to deal with such allegations.”

He said the organisation would not be commenting further on the matter as they believe the affected parties should be the ones being spoken to – and not BMF.

-TNA Reporter