Bonang joins app world

Socialite: Bonang Matheba: Supplied

Women’s Month comes to an end this week in high gear as TV personality Bonang Matheba adds another venture to her portfolio by launching a new app which is likely to turn her into a multimillionaire.

Matheba’s latest move is likely to inspire many South African women to think out of the box.

They sky is the limit for her and she is proving she’s not just another pretty face.

Last week, Matheba officially launched her new app, Bonang by Cell C, which promises her fans “an exciting journey” on the app.

Career experts and mentors said this is a giant leap for Matheba and testimony that South African women have the potential to lead and challenge men who usually make the top list of millionaires and billionaires.

The 30-year-old former host of The Front Row on Metro FM promised to

get her users “exclusive behind the scenes access and be part of her inner circle”.

The app is free for download for the first seven days, after which users will be charged a R3 a day subscription fee and R50 a month subscription fee for prepaid and postpaid Cell C customers.

Non-Cell C customers will pay a subscription fee of R60 a month.

Matheba has 2.24 million followers on Twitter.

If each follower takes out a subscription for her new app, Bonang will be making R6.72m a day at R3 a day and a whopping R134.4m a month for a subscription fee of R60 a month.

If this works according to plan, and ignoring the criticism, the reality is that the Internet of Things has a lot in store for an individual to break into a new career.

A million-dollar idea can parachute you to a lifetime career and be among the heavyweight league with the likes of multibillionaire Bill Gates through Microsoft, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Lately, the Internet of Things has made major revolutions and advertisers will use this as a source of revenue given millions of followers into this space.

This will also benefit Cell C in terms of its products as Matheba’s new app will be a platform for behavioural analysis targeting consumers and gathering data about specific consumers.

This will work to drive up revenues and increase competitiveness.

Again, it is clear the celebration of Women’s Month on Thursday will end on a high note.

But a big question still remains whether this is a good business model for Matheba and if her millions followers will sign-up for the app or not.

But making a career and earning a living using apps has proved to be working globally for celebrities like the Kardashians.

TNA Reporter