Chief whip case delayed

COURT APPEARANCE: EFF North West provincial chief whip Bunga Ntshangane is alleged to have assaulted a junior employee last year. PICTURE: MPHO BILWANE

EFF provincial chief whip Bunga Ntshangane’s assault case has been postponed to January 16 after he appeared in the Mmabatho Regional Court yesterday.

Ntshangane allegedly assaulted a junior employee, Maggie Klaas, 32, in November during a heated argument.

The incident took place at the EFF offices in the provincial legislature precinct. He was released on a warning.

Klaas said: “Ntshangane arrived in our office while I was speaking to one of our convenors in the Dr. Ruth Mompati region over the phone. He asked where our researcher, Raymond Montshosi was. The people that I was with responded and told him that Montshosi was in his office. After a few minutes, Ntshangane came back to our office and he threw his car keys and phone on the desk.

“He said he needed a favour with his voice shadowed with anger. I immediately dropped the call and asked him what kind of favour he needed. Ntshangane said I must report on duty at 8 am the following day (referring to November 10 last year). However, I asked him why I should report on duty at 8 am because I normally arrive at 8.30am,” Klaas said.

She further said Ntshangane became violent and told her not to undermine his authority as he was the chief whip. Klaas said she told Ntshangane that he was the chief whip for EFF members in the North West provincial legislature not in the office.

“He threatened to fire me, so I told him that he can do as he pleases. I asked him why he wanted me to report on duty at 8 am and he responded by saying the officials from North West provincial legislature had complained that they could not find anyone in the EFF’s office.

“I informed Ntshangane that I am always in the office and those officials came and found me in the office before. I also informed him that the officials wanted to go through offices that I do not have access to and I have complained about that before. I told him that it would be fruitless even if I came at 8 am because I did not have keys to those offices,” she said.

Klaas said Ntshangane started swearing at her and told her to stop telling him s**t. She said Ntshangane told her to arrive at 8 am whether she has the keys or not because that was none of her business.

“However I told him that I would not arrive at 8 am, but I would come at my usual time. He pounced on me and cornered me next to the printer. I tried to push him, but he was too strong. Our provincial chairperson, Betty Diale entered the office and pulled him away from me.

“He was swearing at me and promised to wait for me outside. Ntshangane said he would cut off my private parts and called me rubbish. He also said his children were lawyers and he was untouchable. He went to the EFF provincial office and lied that he found unauthorised people using EFF’s resources like phones,” she said.

Klaas said she had opened a criminal case against Ntshangane, but she was now afraid that she could be fired.

The ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) in Bokone Bophirima condemned Ntshangane’s actions.

ANCWL provincial secretary Bridgette Mogakwe said: “The ANCWL in Bokone Bophirima condemns this alleged barbaric act and utterances by Ntshangane.”

South African National Civic Organisation national spokesperson Jabu Mahlangu said: “We are disturbed by the allegations leveled against Ntshangane. He must be arrested and take responsibility for his alleged abhorrent actions.

He needs to take a leaf from the former deputy minister of higher education and training, Mduduzi Manana’s book. Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) spokesperson Javu Baloyi said: “The CGE condemns any assault and any such actions by Ntshangane deserve to be condemned in the strongest terms.” – Newsnote