Child maintenance defaulters exposed on “Izinja Ezingondliyo” Facebook page


“Izinja Ezingondliyo” Facebook page has taken social media by storm when frustrated mothers took to the page to expose baby daddies who are not paying for maintenance.

It is said that the page seeks to expose all fathers who have failed to do the most basic things, like taking care of their children.

The page Izinja ezingondliyo (Dogs that don’t pay maintenance) was created on the 25 October and it sits at 104k followers three days after it was created.

However, the pages disclaimer has made it clear that it will not tolerate lies from mothers and has encouraged baby daddies to lay a complaint if ever they should be accused of such.

“This page does not encourage personal agendas that have nothing to do with the child and if any mother uses the page for any other reasons besides “exposing inja engodli” she will be held liable for her actions.

“Should the man prove beyond reasonable doubt that you lied I will give out your name and you may be charged for defamation of Character,” page admin said.

According to Sowetan, Social media law expert, Emma Sadlier said there was a clear case of defamation of character.

Different people on Facebook stated that the page admin should be the one that should be held liable if she finds out that there are mothers who lied about their stories.

Landile Philiso said ” Admin you are the one while will be held liable for any damage caused to any person under falsification and even yourself wont be able to give the real names of people who lied about certain men because most people have fake Facebook accounts that you won’t be able to trace to find the real person who sent you an inbox. It would be wise if before you post a person, the mother needs to attach the copy of a birth certificate of the child as well as the mother’s ID that will be matching with the certificate of the child because some women out there are angry and may use this platform to lie about innocent men”

-TNA Reporter