Community survey hailed a success


A week-long community survey programme aimed at fast tracking service delivery has been hailed a success by the Umsobomvu municipality.

Manager in the office of the mayor Standford Smith said the outreach programme which started on Monday and concludes today was a success and the community were participating very well.

He said the aim of the programme was to get concerns from residents and get to know what kind of services needed to be prioritised in the municipal integrated development

The community survey is a partnership between the provincial government and the national Department of Evaluation and Monitoring . Smith said the survey would also assist the municipality in terms of channelling resources to essential areas.

“After the surveyors collect the information, they will compile a report which will include answers from the community on the questionnaires they completed,” Smith said.

He said the report would be essential to the executive council as this was the first time such an initiative had taken place in the municipality.

“This will also help us present the needs of the community to relevant departments. For example, if the residents are asking for roads we will be able to present it to authorities,” he said.

Smith said the community surveys were also critical in knowing what the needs of the community were and this would include bringing relevant stakeholders
to the table.

“The report will be analysing the issues which are represented by the community and also assist the IDP forums,” he said.

The municipality said all processes were followed and the community had been welcoming and eager to assist the surveyors in providing information. Smith said the surveyors were ward committee members, community workers and other stakeholders.

The community survey comes after the municipality held a series of ward committees elections aimed at strengthening relations between the municipality and the community.

Smith said the process of election of ward committee members was being monitored by the Pixley Ka Isaka Seme district as well as the department of cooperative governance, human settlements and traditional affairs.

“The officials were there to oversee if all system were in place and everyone was satisfied with the process,” he said.

He said the initial process started last year and they were engaging communities
to let them know the importance of ward committees.

Smith said they made the process open to all so that everyone could have a say on who leads them so that services to the people can be addressed quickly.

The municipality said the election of ward committees was in line with the concerns they received while on a month-long council meet the people last year after the local government elections in August.

Recently mayor Simon Toto said health was a top priority in his administration
and they would leave no stone unturned to ensure basic services were provided to the people.

“We will also be looking into infrastructure especially in the water and sanitation backlog. “Our aim is to afford everyone a dignified life by taking out the bucket system which poses health dangers to our people.”

Toto also held an IDP representative forum meeting where he urged all municipal workers to work together in ensuring that services are rendered to the people with key focus of changing the lives of ordinary people.
Tiisetso Manoko|