DA says Nongoma municipality is wasting public funds

Democratic Alliance has called on Cyril Ramaphosa to condemn the police for bad treatment of journalists at ANC electice conference in Nasrec. Picture Gallo Images

The DA says it is concerned about the Nongoma municipality’s wasting of public money by employing several people for posts that are not available.

DA ward councilor in the municipality Mphathiseni Ndwandwe said the party was in possession of an email where a Human Resources (HR) official in the municipality gave an instruction that all employees be put its organogram.

Ndwandwe said the municipality is in full support of this practice, which deprives residents of its well-needed services.

He said, in many positions, more than one person had been hired, resulting in 52.2% of the budget going towards remuneration, much higher than the 25% – 40% norm.

According to Ndwandwe, the latest HR staff lists and organogram shows that more employees were hired between 2016 and 2017 with more than six people employed on 1 November but are not on the organogram.

“The DA can now confirm that more than 100 employees in this municipality are not or do not appear in the organogram,” Ndwandwe said.

Ndwandwe said the DA had also expressed its unhappiness with other mismanagement decisions like the appointment of skills auditing company UMqondo Business College.

Ndwandwe said while the party supported the skills audit that would be undertaken by the municipality, it was concerned that a company that had failed to do a similar job previously had been reappointed.

“We were shocked to learn that the municipality has taken a reckless decision to rehire the skills audit company UMqondo Business College.

“This company was previously appointed by the same municipality to perform a skills audit, however, the company failed to perform as per the agreement, according to the report tabled before council.”

-TNA Reporter