‘Day Zero’ moved back due to unusual summer rain

Picture: Supplied

City of Cape Town Executive Mayor Patricia De Lille has released a statement saying “Day Zero” has been arrested because of unusual summer rain.

The unexpected rain saved “Day Zero”, only for this week.

Usually without rain, the dam levels in the Western Cape would drop by as much as 1%per week.

If it wasn’t for this rain, “Day Zero” would have come a fortnight earlier due to high consumption in the city.

“Day Zero” has been moved to 20 May 2018 and this change can be credited to the rainfall.

De Lille has emphasised that it is crucial that everyone does more to save water so that the city can reach the target of 500 million litres per day and move “Day Zero” further back.

While there are many residents who have been adhering to the city’s 87 litres of consumption per day targets, there are however those who are failing to stick to the target.

In the statement, De Lille said that only 36% of residents used less than the consumption target per day, as compared to 44% in the previous week.

Therefore, the city has called on all residents to work together in partnership with the city to save water and avoid “Day Zero”.

The city has promised to work harder to bring forward additional water supply projects.

-TNA Reporter