Day Zero moved from 11 May to 4 June

Day Zero has been pushed back to 11 May. Picture: GALLO IMAGES

The City of Cape Town has on Tuesday announced that DayZero has been moved from 11 May 2018 to 4 June 2018.

This follows the continued decline in agricultural usage, and also as a result of Capetonians reducing their water usage.

Early this month, the City succeeded in pushing back day zero after previously stating that taps would run dry in the city on 16 April.

Deputy mayor Ian Neilson urged residents to continue using water sparingly to avoid day zero.

“There has not been any significant decline in urban usage. All Capetonians must, therefore, continue to use no more than 50 litres per person per day to help stretch our dwindling supplies,” Neilson said.

Neilson said many of the agricultural users have used up the water allocated to them as per the agreement with the Department of Water and Sanitation.

“Agricultural usage is likely to drop significantly over the next weeks. Currently, the sector is drawing about 30% of the water in the supply scheme. This should fall to approximately 15% in March and 10% in April.”

“It must be noted that the city does not have any control over agricultural releases, so this is the best estimate we can make with the information at hand.”

Neilson said all preparation for the possibility of reaching Day Zero continue in earnest and that the city is continuing with the roll-out of aggressive pressure management initiatives in an effort to stretch the city’s supplies.

-TNA Reporter