De Lille continues to put her interests first: DA


The DA has voiced its disapproval over the Western Cape High Court’s judgment, to keep Patricia De Lille in office as the Mayor of the City of Cape Town.

The party said that the judgment is not in the best interests of the people of Cape Town and that it is unfortunate that De Lille continues to put her individual interests above those of the people.

This follows Judge Patrick Gamble’s interim order which has paved the way for De Lille to remain as the Executive Mayor of the city.

The DA said she will now act in what they call ‘a ceremonial role’ and that governance decisions will be taken by the DA caucus.

“Our electoral promise on 2016 was to keep corruption out of Cape Town and continue delivering better services, and De Lille’s occupation does not honour that promise.

“She has displayed the utmost disdain for the office that she held and the people of the city.”

The party added that De Lille has acted in a manner which suggests that she no longer views herself as a DA Mayor and will do anything to undermine the party, whose membership she’s ironically fighting tooth and nail.

“In a true Zuma-like-style, she is clearly clinging onto power for herself and she has long forgotten the people who voted for the party that she once represented.”

The party said unlike De Lille, it takes the mandate given to it by the people very seriously and will never take it for granted.

-Afro Reporter