De Lille talking nonsense says DA chairperson

Patricia De Lille.Picture:Gallo Images

DA FEDERAL council chairperson James Selfe has lashed out at Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille in an unprecedented rebuke, accusing her of making nonsensical statements. Selfe said the DA was closely following developments in Cape Town, beset by infighting between DA councillors and city officials.

“We are determined that all substantive allegations will be investigated without fear or favour, by an independent investigator. “It is entirely appropriate and correct that these allegations are investigated thoroughly and that a full report is presented to council as soon as the investigation is completed,” he said.

Selfe said the allegations involved serious questions of good governance and maladministration. “One of the individuals implicated, mayor De Lille, has suggested in her public communications that this investigation is an attempt to undermine the DA government’s efforts to spatially integrate Cape Town’s communities.

“This is patently nonsense, as a basic reading of the documentation shows. “The DA’s efforts to integrate Cape Town was a pledge in our 2016 election manifesto and is a commitment of the entire DA, not one person alone. “The entire DA caucus in Cape Town completely supports this goal,” he said.

The clashes in the city of Cape Town were not due to any issue of factionalism in the DA caucus, he said. “Such narratives are being deliberately crafted to muddy the waters in the investigation. They are nothing more than purposeful misdirection and should be seen as such.”

-Dennis Cruywagen