Pastor warned against spraying Doom on congregants

Pastor Lethebo Rabalago from Mountzion General Assembly

A Limpopo pastor’s method of healing by spraying congregants with insecticide Doom has sparked an outcry on social media on Monday.

Many expressed disapproval of Limpopo Mountzion General Assembly Prophet Lethebo Rabalago’s usage of the insecticide to cleanse his congregation of ‘infested sins’.

One Twitter user said using Doom in the name of God was wrong adding that it had severe effects on vital nervous system that causes muscle spasms which leads to ultimate death.

Meanwhile Pastor Rabalago said doom heals all different kinds of ‘sickness including Cancer and HIV’.

One of his congregants, Suprise Mathe posted on the pastor’s Facebook page that he had pains in his stomach and waist, and when she sprayed the insect killer on her stomach, she immediately received healing and deliverance.

Pastor Rabalago also sprayed Mathe with doom on her face ‘to remove rash’, which he said was not supposed to be there.

Manufacturer and distributor of Doom, Tiger Brand’s Communications and Stakeholder Manager Nevashnee Naicker told The New Age on Monday that it was alarming for the organisation to witness such incidents on social media and that it was unfair for the pastor to spray doom or any aerosol on people’s faces.

“Doom has been formulated to kill specific insects, which is detailed on the package can. The package has clear warning which must be adhered to,” Naicker said.

She further said the organisation was trying to contact the prophet to ask him to refrain from spraying people with the product because it was highly dangerous.