East London police arrest high profile criminal syndicate


East London police have arrested a high profile criminal syndicate on Friday morning in Port St Johns, Peddie and Berlin.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula accompanied police during the operation that was sanctioned a year ago.

Mbalula said the criminal syndicates are extremely sophisticated as such he approved a policy driven by intelligence-led policing under the ‘Organised Crime Threat Assessment’ (OCTA) to be the main tool against serious crime.

“South Africans cannot live side by side with criminal syndicates. SAPS OCTA aims to refocus crime fighting to criminal modus operandi analysis. This is about tracking and dealing a blow to the source of crime – the kingpins, crime financiers and planners.”

In a statement, police said the project is a multi-disciplinary approach lead by crime intelligence and DPCI (Hawks) arrested 13 persons representing various syndicates.

“These are part of ongoing operations of Organized Crime Threat Analysis (OCTA) that target crime syndicates and drug kingpins. This is the new approach by our Police in fighting organized crime.”

Mbalula added that the criminals have been masquerading as normal and honest business people who own buses, taxis, butcheries, and farms. They were being respected by the community while destroying the children’s future.

He said police needed to stamp the authority of the state, saying that OCTA is aiming at dealing a huge blow at these masquerades.

“Our mandate is to rid South Africa of corruption and the underworld criminality amongst others, our work is undergoing at times quietly, this includes all matters currently under intense public discourse – there will be action.

Our fight against corruption and organized crime is a quiet revolution, it is not going to be televised but it will bite steadily but steadfastly without any fear or favour given – there are no holy cows is these secret projects.”

-TNA Reporter