Elderly people are pampered, cared for


Elderly people from across the province took part in the annual installment of the Gogo Tours which allows them to take a tour around different provinces.

The aim of the tour was to ensure that older people were being pampered and cared for with special focus on looking after their health.

The elderly were treated to full body massages while others were just happy having gone through the tour itself.

Wellness expert Diana Martin said they arranged with Bloem Spa to come to Kimberley to give the elderly women therapeutic massages.

Martin said the massage helped them get rid of toxins, helps with blood circulation and also destressing. She said elderly people were forced to deal with a number of challenges including being left at old age homes by their children while others are left alone without any family support.

Martin also said the stress was accumulated by the responsibility of raising grandchildren while dealing with challenges related to illness and old age.

“What we do here is try to relieve them of that stress and release muscle tension,” she said. Martin said it was important for the elderly to experience a peaceful environment which allows them to forget the challenges they face daily. “For many of them, being touched is a foreign but rather wonderful experience,” she said.

Martin said they would have wished to bring a local massage parlour but did not want to go into the contract arrangements.

“We don’t know how the Bloem Spa got the contract but what’s important is what the old people are gaining from their participation,” she said.

NOMUSA MVUBU |nomusam@thenewage.co.za