Fingerprints inspected in Van Breda murder trial


The ongoing murder trial of Henri Van Breda reached its day 17 at the Western cape high court.

Jonathan Oliphant a policeman at the criminal record centre in Beaufort West gave his testimony today.

Up to 53 finger prints that he found at the Van Breda’s home from 27 – 31 January 2015, no fingerprints were found on the handle of axe that was used killing the family.

Oliphant told the court that he had Henri and the rest of family’s prints on knife, right thumb print of Henri on the blade.

“The family, two domestic workers, gardener and Reade-Jahn’s Marli’s ex-boyfriend prints were found in house,” said Oliphant.

He said he was given 15 people’s fingerprints of the people who had been involved in crimes before at the Estate however none of the prints were found in the house.

“I checked boundary wall for prints, with naked eye and special light and then sprayed chemical which would give a brown/purple colour if there is a fingerprint but no prints or proof of activity was found on the wall.”

Oliphant added that if someone has climb over the wall and touched it, there would be a mark to show activity.

Henri’s defence argued that since Van Breda’s wall outside doesn’t have a smooth texture as the interior, if someone wore gloves would Oliphant pick it up?

Oliphant said yes you can sweat through a wool glove, but not a plastic.

Botha says State claims that he touched that axe and attacked people with it. If he handled it, wouldn’t you expect to find a print? His print on the knife?

Dr Marianne Tiemensma a medical specialist employed at the Clinical Forensic Unit at Victoria Hospital with expertise include pathology examines makes findings in both living and dead.

Tiemensma was asked by SAPS and Dr Albertse to examine Henri’s injuries. She told the court that she compiled reports on her findings of Henri’s injuries.

Tiemensma said the cut marks were superficial and his Thorax and abdomen look different as it looked caused by stabbing action and that also superficial.

“Judging shape and size of knife, it was virtually impossible for the knife to have been stuck in any of the stab wounds.

“On the stabbed wounds she said “I am of the opinion that they are self inflicted, superficial and non fatal” in stark contrast to the rest of the injuries sustained,” she said.

Henri, 22, is accused of murdering his parents and brother with an axe and leaving his sister critically injured during an attack which took place at the luxury De Zalze Estate on January 27, 2015.

TNA Reporter