Five killed in PE shack fire


The Nelson Mandela fire department is set to investigate the cause of the fire that killed five family members in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the fire department were on the scene, where five falimy members were burnt to death minutes after they arrived home from a traditional ceremony.

It is believed that two other family members who were not there when the fire broke out are devastated as all the family members are gone.

Residents are shocked that such a terrible accident has happened to people who they know.

Although names of the victims are not revealed yet Naidu said an inquest document has been opened and three adults, two little girls from age 3-10 were killed.

According to reports a resident said their shacks were also burnt.

“I am just shocked that something like this could happen so close to us.

“There are other shacks close to the one that burnt, including my own, and although this is a sad tragedy, I am relieved that no one else was injured,” he said.

TNA Reporter