Grayston bridge collapse inquiry resumes

A bridge collapse on Grayston Drive, M1 highway left two people dead and 23 others injured in October. Picture: Gallo Images

The inquiry into the Grayston Drive Pedestrian and Cyclist Structural Bridge Collapse is set to begin on Wednesday.

The Department of Labour-appointed Inquiry will resume with lead evidence from Formscaff Holdings.

The Inquiry will go on from 4 to 6 May following the postponement of an earlier session that was supposed to be held in 19 to 21 April after failure by interested stakeholders in the inquiry to submit their reports on the incident.

The department said Section 32 inquiry was set-up following the collapse on 14 October 2015 of the temporary bridge on the M1/Grayston Drive, which led to the deaths of two people and injury to 19 others.

“The Section 32 hearing was appointed by the Department in terms of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act to investigate instances of negligence,” the Department of Labour said.

The formal inquiry aims to determine whether there was any contravention of the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act and any of its regulations, which led to the collapse of the structure or any part thereof, consequently resulting in the untimely deaths and injuries of the people.

The bridge was still under construction when it collapsed on the M1 highway Grayston Drive on October 14 resulting in the death of taxi driver Siyabonga Myeni and businessman Adrian Doodnath.

Nontokozo Gxumisa