Hammanskraal taxi strike influenced by political elements – MMC Senkubuge


Marathon consultations were held on Wednesday with concerned commuters and taxi organisations in Hammanskraal following a taxi strike which left commuters stranded.

“Following the consultations, it has appeared that there are no taxis around the area and that has demonstrated that taxi organisations, influenced by political elements, have no interest in providing services to the people of Tshwane,” Tshwane MMC for roads and transport Sheila Lynn Senkubuge said.

Senkubuge also indicated that she led a team of officials, who engaged with concerned parties and certain issues were tabled by the community:

  • Inefficiencies surrounding the current bus service contract with North West Star.
  • Request for the extension of the A Re Yeng bus rapid transit system to Hammanskraal.
  • Challenges regarding the agreement between the city of Tshwane and Taxi organisations along the Hammanskraal – Rainbow Junction – Tshwane CBD route.
  • Request for a passenger railway service between the CBD and Hammanskraal.

Senkubuge said: “While some of the issues could be addressed within a reasonable space of time, there are matters bound in legal agreements entered into by the city and the taxi industry which cannot just be changed overnight.”

It is alleged that the protests are related to public transport services between Hammanskraal and the Tshwane CBD.

“These include the legal agreement that taxis coming from Hammanskraal should drop off commuters at Rainbow Junction wherein A Re Yeng buses would ferry them to their final destinations in various parts of the CBD.”

“Taxi operators were compensated for the Rainbow Junction to CBD route wherein the city of Tshwane paid out R300 000 per vehicle for at least 375 vehicles/taxis.”

The city of Tshwane has called on residents of Hammanskraal to exercise restraint and discipline while the issues they raised are being resolved.

-TNA Reporter