Heartbreak hotel for some in 2017


As we are at the exit of 2017 and ready to walk into the New Year we sit and reflect on all the moments that have made a significant impact in our lives – some of them shocking and sad.

Here are your five famous couples who broke up in 2017:

1. Lebo M and Angela Ngani-Kasara

This famous couple first divorced in 2013 and we were obviously excited when they got back together last year in November.

However, less than six months later our hearts were broken again when we learned that they are going their separate ways.

According to reports Angela said that Lebo ended their marriage without her knowledge.


2. Sylvia and Marks Maponyane

We were sad when the all time soccer legend Marks Maponyane and his wife Sylvia’s marriage came to a dramatic end earlier this year.

Sylvia accused Marks of being emotionally and physically abusive, while he got a protection order against her.

She reportedly spent a night in prison after she broke into their matrimonial home through the window and Marks was later found guilty of assault and was fined R3 000.


3. Trevor and Lucille Gumbi

This was an unexpected one, especially because about a year ago Trevor and Lucille spoke in an interview about how happy they are after he stopped using drugs to save his marriage.

The pair confirmed their divorce after 17-years together and 11-years of marriage.

As if that was not enough, the former couple announced their ‘Divorce tour’ that began on the 4 November.


4. Zwai and Melanie Bala

In a joint statement posted on Twitter, Zwai and Melanie confirmed their separation about two months ago.

The pair has explained that they have come to a mutual decision that although they have been striving to be the best versions of themselves in marriage, they have sadly failed.

5. Unathi and Thomas Msegana

We honestly did not see this split coming. The Idols judge and artist confirmed in an interview that she and her husband had separated.

According to reports there has been rumours of infidelity that led to the divorce, however, this has not been confirmed.

The songbird emphasises that they are not divorced, simply separated.


-TNA Reporter