Highlights of NC successes in Sopa

Premier Lucas to contest for ANC chairmanship. Picture Gallo Images

All eyes will be on Premier Sylvia Lucas as she delivers her state of the province address this morning.

Among other things, she is expected to announce the achievements made by her administration. The premier will deliver her address at the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre in Kimberley.

Lucas is expected to touch on issues of public interest, which include unemployment, economic status as well as agricultural projects.

She is also going to address the escalating crime levels in the province, with the key focus on lasting solutions to curb crime.

On Tuesday she told Parliament that agri-parks in all the five districts across the province played an important role in curbing poverty and unemployment provincially. She said in order for the province to address radical economic transformation and revitalise the rural economy, there is more that needs to be done in the agricultural sector.

“Sites for the development of hubs were identified and will centre on agricultural value addition and other related activities,” she said.

Lucas said issues of land reform, water rights and food security were crucial enablers for the province and were also key players in terms of food security.

The premier said farmers needed to be equipped and trained so that they can produce and export more.

She said infrastructure development was key in boosting the economy of the province which would lead to creating employment.

TIISETSO MANOKO| tiisetsom@thenewage.co.za