Inxeba sparks controversy in film industry


A number of cinemas have canceled the screening of Inexba (The Wound) that was scheduled for Friday.

This follows threats from social media users to shut down cinemas that are screening the controversial film.


Inxeba, which has won more than 15 international awards, tells the story of a young gay man who joins a group of other men to be a traditional surgeon in the initiation process in the Eastern Cape.

The lead character of Inxeba, Nakhane Toure, has also received a number of threats after the release of the much talked about film.

Meanwhile, the CRL Rights Commission met with the Films and Publications Board as well as representatives of the National Film and Video Foundation to address concerns and complaints raised by a number of organisations about some sections in the movie.

After extensive discussions, the following was agreed upon:

  • That the National Film and Video Foundation will issue an apology for funding a movie that affects the dignity of the cultural, religious and linguistic communities.
  • The National Film and Video Foundation will ensure that the producers put a disclaimer which clearly indicates that the portrayal of the initiation practice in the film is not a true representation.
  • This disclaimer will also address the reference to Jesus and Shaka Zulu potentially being gay which is blasphemous and infringes on the dignity of both AmaZulu and Christian Communities.
  • That in future subtitles will be monitored to ensure that they convey a true interpretation of the words used.
  • That the Film and Publications Board will fast track the appeal process which will be lodged by the following complainants

-TNA Reporter