Jacobus admits she knew patients were suffering


Gauteng Health’s Deputy Director for Mental Health Services Hanna Jacobus has admitted that Life Esidimeni patients were suffering and she knew about it.

Jacobus was testifying at the Life Esidimeni Arbitration during her cross-examination by Legal Aid SA advocate Lila Crouse.

In her testimony, Jacobus said Dr Makgabo Manamela threatened her with a disciplinary hearing if she did not do as she was told, however, was wrong for allowing pressure to lead her into issuing the licenses to move the patients.

She added that she had not been responsible enough in doing thorough research on the NGOs’ sustainability for the victims.

Advocate Crouse mentioned that Jacobus did not fear for her job or her life and she did not care about the victims as she could have told Life Esidimeni that the NGOs were not capable of taking care of the patients.

“I have tried my best to implement and communicate what needs to be done, and I tried to speak my mind and engage others,” Jacobus said.

She said she takes the responsibility for the procedure of transferring the patients and agrees that she abused the rights of the victims.

-TNA Reporter