KZN learners receive bicycles

Picture: Twitter

Minister of Communication Faith Muthambi encouraged learners from Ntongande High School in Mfolozi, KwaZulu-Natal to view cycling as a sport among disadvantaged communities.
Muthambi handed over 10 bicycles to learners on Wednesday as part of her Back to School Campaign.
The bicycles were given to learners that travel more than 15km per day in order to get to school.
“Our view is that the bicycles will lead to increased academic performance at the school and we also hope that it will lower the rate of absenteeism. The bicycles are intended to assist destitute students, who are in a desperate situation to get education and we are doing this because we are a caring government,” said Muthambi.
She added “We are a government that cares and we are here to encourage the youth to realise that education is key to many positive opportunities in life”.
Minister Muthambi indicated that the idea behind these bicycles is to encourage learners to view cycling as a sport among disadvantaged communities as certain sports such as school wrestling, cycling and rugby, were regarded to be played in the schools mainly in white areas.
The minister did not only hand over bicycles but she also engaged with the school’s management to identify critical needs in order for the government to help out where they need to.
She also used the campaign to promote the right to educate children and the role of parents in providing support as well as strengthening the education system.

-TNA Reporter