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January 27, 2015 | Last Updated 2:35 AM
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Life & Style
10 essentials to have before a baby’s birth
26/1/2015 15:59
10 essentials to have before a baby’s birthAdvice for expecting moms on the must-haves to stack up on before the newborn arrives
How to keep fit without exercising
26/1/2015 16:08
How to keep fit without exercisingYour daily routine provides great opportunities to keep fit. Here's how...
5 foods that can harm your skin!
26/1/2015 16:19
You've heard about foods that are good for your skin. But did you know that there are also certain foods that have quite the opposite effect as well?
Other Life & Style News
Work habits to impress your bossWork habits to impress your boss
26/1/2015 15:35
Wish to get ahead in your workplace? Leave an impression with some of these ways
Ways to keep your kids on their feetWays to keep your kids on their feet
26/1/2015 13:51
Ever heard of the proverb 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'? Well, it holds true.
9 Ways to keep your skin looking young9 Ways to keep your skin looking young
26/1/2015 13:43
You might not know what it is, but collagen is the key when it comes to keeping your skin youthful and wrinkle-free.
5 easy ways to organize your wardrobe5 easy ways to organize your wardrobe
26/1/2015 13:38
Getting organized is one basic step to maintaining your wardrobe perfect.
Sexy spices to spice up your lifeSexy spices to spice up your life
26/1/2015 13:31
They can sure add lots of sizzle to your passion quotient and spice up your sex life. Check out these mythological formulas mentioned in our folklores...
Dior chic, updated for modern manDior chic, updated for modern man
26/1/2015 10:09
A night at the opera: what's a modern man to wear? If he's dressed in Dior's latest, unveiled at the Paris fashion week, it'll be a chic evening suit rejuvenated with snazzy sneakers, flashes of techno-colour and stylish doses of denim.
Paris fashion week shifts up into Haute Couture modeParis fashion week shifts up into Haute Couture mode
26/1/2015 9:50
After days of men's ready-to-wear clothes, Paris Fashion Week shifts up a gear on Sunday to its marquee event: the Haute Couture shows that happen only in the French capital.
Things your girl doesn't want to hearThings your girl doesn't want to hear
26/1/2015 8:55
Here are some things that you should always avoid telling your girl if you want to have a peaceful relationship
Why a face clean-up is essentialWhy a face clean-up is essential
26/1/2015 8:50
Your face tends to get dry and parched during this season. Read on to know more about why a clean-up is necessary at this time
Carrots are good for your eyes!Carrots are good for your eyes!
26/1/2015 8:41
Bugs Bunny's favourite food is loaded with the antioxidant beta-carotene, a compound that converts to vitamin A in the body.
What not to do on weekendsWhat not to do on weekends
25/1/2015 16:20
Are you making any of these health-destroying, wellness-damaging mistakes on your days off?
Love your heels? Wear them right!Love your heels? Wear them right!
25/1/2015 14:43
Women love heels and one restaurant in LA actually went a step ahead to make the ladies very happy with this penchant.
Paris menswear fashion week: Maison MargielaParis menswear fashion week: Maison Margiela
25/1/2015 8:33
The newly rebranded Maison Margiela (they've done a Saint Laurent and lost the Christian name) unveiled its Fall/Winter 2015 collection Friday morning, the first under new creative director John Galliano.
Is coffee the new sunblock?Is coffee the new sunblock?
25/1/2015 8:26
Drinking coffee can lower your risk for malignant melanoma, according to a new study from the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute in the US.
Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Mâle and Classique dress up as piratesJean Paul Gaultier's Le Mâle and Classique dress up as pirates
25/1/2015 8:19
Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic his-and-hers fragrance duo is playing dress up this season.





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