‘Mabuza is running a gravy train’


THE ANC in Mpumalanga under the leadership of Premier David Mabuza has been reduced to a “gravy train” for his associates. This is the view of Mathews Phosa’s provincial campaign coordinator Ronnie Malomane, who lambasted Mabuza after filing legal papers in the North Gauteng High Court yesterday.

All this in a bid to annul the outcomes of the ANC provincial general council (PGC) that allegedly violated the ANC nominations process as a result of some 223 delegates voting for “unity” during nominations. Malomane said that he wouldn’t buckle to death threats aimed at him, and would not remain silent on how he believed Mabuza brought to heel ANC’s provincial structures.

“DD is too big for his shoes, he has corrupted the ANC. We want to cleanse the ANC of corruption and send them straight to Kgosi Mampuru prison. You can’t talk about government while you are corrupt,” he said. Malomane also rejected the outcomes of the PGC, dismissing it as “unlawful”. “We noted with regret the gross and malicious violation of ANC dictates of nominations guidelines,” he said.

“The ANC in the province has allowed this unlawful phenomenon. “We wrote several letters and on three occasions called Luthuli House. The candidate unity, was totally uncalled for. “People were persuaded to nominate unity and it’s unconstitutional,” Malomane said.

He also condemned Mabuza’s alleged “private army” after a video surfaced of them intimidating ANC members. “There are actually more videos. Those people belong to him. One of them in the video is the provincial secretary of MKMVA in Mpumalanga. Mabuza is desperate,” he said.

The ANC in the province has disputed claims made by Phosa and Malomane in regards to the video. ANCYL secretary Pholoso Mbatsane also called for Phosa to be hauled before the party’s disciplinary committee. “An attack on the ANC and its leadership will be viewed as an attack on the party.

“We are not going to allow that. We expect much more from comrade Phosa as a seasoned cadre of the ANC. “If needs be, the fellow must be taken to a health institution for a mental assessment. “We really do not believe the man is in his right state of mind.”