It’s jaw-breaking time as musangwe hits Soweto
Feb 21 2011 4:21PM


Shalati Nkhwashu

It’s a bare-knuckled fight where no-one is treated with kid gloves.

The mantra is no retreat, no surrender. Unlike boxing, there are no weight limits or conventional refereeing – the winner is the last man standing!

The only golden rule is that you do not continue punching your opponent after he falls, or has raised his arm to surrender.

These are bare essentials of fight sport called “musangwe”, which is popular in the villages of Venda.

This time the show comes to Gauteng, with a March 5 tournament billed for Pimville in Soweto.

The organiser and JTK Promotions manager, Johnny Khubani, said he was expecting a great show as many exponents of musangwe are based in Gauteng anyway, where they work.

“Our biggest tournament in Venda is in December, when many migrant workers are back home for holidays,” said Khubani.

“Already excitement is at fever pitch in Gauteng, as the date surges closer. It’s going to be a huge success.”

He said Limpopo-based fighters warmed up for the Gauteng trip with a tournament at Makonde Stadium on February 12.

“I hope the Gauteng guys have been training hard for the event because the Limpopo fighters mean business. They will be accompanied by the legendary Ratshilumela ‘Cruel’ Mulovhedzi, who was the undisputed champion in 1944-47.”

He added Mulovhedzi might enter the ring, for old time’s sake. “He never fought in Gauteng in his long career, so he might want to show the people there a thing or two.

Also confirmed for Pimville fist fest are Ntakadzeni “Cyborn” Madala (2009 champion), Thuso “Ngwazi” Ramukakati, Masha “Thirty” Magwabeni, Andani “Cell C” Godobedza, and Zimbabwean Morelife “Harare” Maphosa from Chipinge.

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