Last chance to write old curriculum matric
Oct 20 2010 3:38PM

Lesego Masemola

Next year will be the last chance for candidates in Gauteng to rewrite their matric subjects under the old curriculum, which was phased out three years ago.

Part-time candidates who have credits towards the old matric curriculum and would like to rewrite some subjects in order to obtain a Senior Certificate had until the end of last month to register.

Matriculants sat for exams under the old curriculum for the last time in 2007, when it was decided that candidates would be given the opportunity to rewrite until May and June 2011.

Education department spokesperson Charles Phahlane said all candidates were part-timers attempting to complete a senior certificate.

"Candidates enter for those subjects that they require to complete or comply with the outstanding requirements for the senior certificate. So they currently have credits towards a matric certificate but no qualification," he said.

Phahlane said it was premature for the department to indicate how many candidates had registered to rewrite next year. In the past, the department had noted that part-time candidates rewriting matric subjects registered in large numbers but failed to show up for the actual examination.

"The total number of subject entries for this year was 124 234, but the number of subjects written were 69 665, which calculates to an absentee rate of 43,92%," said Phahlane.

The exams were expected to take place at 49 ABET sites across the province.

Part-time candidates who missed the registration deadline will find it much harder to get a matric qualification. For example, if a candidate had failed the old curriculum's physical science, he would now need to attend Grade 10 and 11 class in the new curriculum before he can write Grade 12 of the subject in the new curriculum.

 This is because the school-based assessment mark contributes 25% towards the examinations.

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