Mitchells Plain land invasion case postponed till July
Jun 22 2011 12:06PM


Family, friends and a crowd of supporters packed the Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court when 14 people who allegedly invaded land illegally in Mitchells Plain appeared briefly on Tuesday.

The group of people was charged with public violence. But after 30 minutes the case was postponed to July 21 for further investigation.

This comes after almost 5000 people invaded land in Swartklip and Kapteinsklip a month ago.

Shortly after the invasion the people, and their makeshift structures were removed by the Anti-Land Invasions Unit and the metro police. And as the people’s structures were broken down, they resisted and 14 people were arrested and charged with public violence.

The people who invaded the land are among the 17000 backyard dwellers in Mitchells Plain.

Subsequently the community of Mitchells Plain held several marches to the local housing office and the city of Cape Town to illustrate their frustration the lack of housing in Cape Town.

Outside the court yesterday Sulleiman Stellenboom, a community worker, said, “Even though the case has been postponed we are optimistic the charges against us will be withdrawn.”


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