Jobs can follow SANDF skills training
Mar 28 2012 7:50AM

Kim Helfrich

The SA National Defence Force’s (SANDF) Military Skills Training (MSD) programme, its only direct contributor to the national skills development and job creation effort, is to be expanded to take in 10000 volunteers a year.

On completion of the two-year training period, volunteers have, in addition to military specific skills, also received training in skills which can assist them in finding full-time work in the civilian sector.

This ranges from various building and construction-related trades through to chefs, electricians, motor and diesel mechanics, medical orderlies, radio and radar technicians, and others.

The concept behind the programme is that volunteers who have completed their military service join the SANDF reserve force. This will see their military skills put to use when their regiments are called up for active duty while their other military acquired skills enable them to become active members of the national economic community.

“Contrary to what has been said in some circles there is no reduction in training on the horizon,” said Lt-Gen Themba Nkabinde, chief of human resources.

“In fact, the minister (Lindiwe Sisulu) wants it expanded so more young men and women can be accommodated in the country’s military and on completion of their service, become active members of our society.”

The SANDF is actively working with potential private sector employers to accommodate MSD soldiers on completion of training. The SA Navy has reached an agreement with Cape Town-based shipping and allied business companies to take on naval MSDs.

The National Youth Service, introduced by Sisulu last year, is also aimed at attracting more young people into careers with the SANDF. Selected unemployed young men and women mostly from rural areas and selected by other government departments, attend training camps lasting three to four weeks. In addition to a basic introduction to military skills they are also taught the value of discipline and given life skills education.

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