Nosi’s death – ‘murder’
Dec 22 2010 8:15AM

Ishmael Modiba

Speculation is rife that the municipal manager of Frances Baard district municipality, Thabo Nosi, did not die of natural causes but was murdered.

Reports this week say an autopsy performed on Nosi has revealed that he could have been poisoned and may have suffered a blow to the back of his head.

Nosi was found dead in the Protea Hotel in Midrand, after he failed to join his colleagues for breakfast on the morning of December 2.

Earlier this week, a newspaper reported that an autopsy was apparently arranged by a doctor who was not known to the police, while a private undertaker was hired to move the body.

At Nosi’s funeral on December 12, mourners were not allowed to view his corpse as is customary, fuelling speculation that there might be something wrong with it.

It was reported that Nosi’s body had already turned black and could not be viewed at the funeral.

The mayor of Frances Baard, Achmat Florence, who along with Nosi attended the local government conference when the tragedy struck, refused to speak to The New Age on Tuesday after an appointment had been made.

“I’m busy consulting with some other people, please call me later,” he said.

Another source who was close to Nosi said he could not comment.

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