Motorist arrested for dagga possession in Easter Safety Campaign roadblock


A motorist was arrested with bags of dagga at a roadblock during Transport Minister Blade Nzimande’s official launch of the 2018 Easter Long Weekend road safety campaign.

During the launch at Heidelberg Weighbridge on the N3 Highway on Tuesday, Nzimande called on all road users to be safe as citizens prepare to drive long distances to different destinations over the Easter period.

“Road users must respect one another on the road. We need to cooperate with law enforcement officers all the time. Let us be safe on the roads this Easter period,” Nzimande said.

The Easter Road Safety Campaign launch is in partnership with the Department of Health, municipalities and taxi associations among others.

Driver wellness and fitness is one of the key underlying factors that contribute to accidents in the country.

The launch included the activation of halfway stations, a key intervention intended to assist tired drivers to rest after driving long distances.

Nzimande, while addressing law enforcement officers at the launch, said they are concerned that there are officers that face a lot of harassment on the road and there are some officers that have been killed by motorists who do not want to cooperate.

-TNA Reporter